Who Dunnit? Mystery Book Club

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Unlock the mystery that lies beyond the pages. Join us each month for our exciting book club and step into a world of intrigue and suspense.

Twenty-four years after a traumatic disappearance tore a Georgia family apart, Slaughter's scorching stand-alone picks them up and shreds them all over again. The Carrolls have never been the same since 19-year-old Julia vanished. After years of fruitlessly pestering the police, her veterinarian father, Sam, killed himself; her librarian mother, Helen, still keeps the girl's bedroom untouched, just in case. Julia's sisters have been equally scarred. Lydia Delgado has sold herself for drugs countless times, though she's been clean for years now; Claire Scott has just been paroled after knee-capping her tennis partner for a thoughtless remark. The evening that Claire's ankle bracelet comes off, her architect husband, Paul, is callously murdered before her eyes and, without a moment's letup, she stumbles on a mountainous cache of snuff porn. Paul's business partner, Adam Quinn, demands information from Claire and threatens her with dire consequences if she doesn't deliver. The Dunwoody police prove as ineffectual as ever. FBI agent Fred Nolan is more suavely menacing than helpful. So Lydia and Claire, who've grown so far apart that they're virtual strangers, are unwillingly thrown back on each other for help. Once she's plunged you into this maelstrom, Slaughter shreds your own nerves along with those of the sisters, not simply by a parade of gruesome revelations - though she supplies them in abundance - but by peeling back layer after layer from beloved family members Claire and Lydia thought they knew. The results are harrowing. Slaughter is so uncompromising in following her blood trails to the darkest places imaginable that she makes most of her high-wire competition look pallid, formulaic, or just plain fake.




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